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International program

Lesson level 4

Duration - 5 days

The program that transcends borders.

Internationally, we already have trained people from Belgium,, Norway, UK, Germany, Australia, Dubai, Suriname, and many more countries. It is great to see that the bodycasting feeling transcends boundaries and that several successful companies have been created during our Bodycasting Academy courses.


A unique international training consists of a combination of our Basic Skills, Advanced and Expert Modules. In  five days we will cover all themes in depth and you will learn all the mixing techniques, filling methods, editing options and placement techniques that are available. On the first day we set out a program together that meets everyone's wishes, It's about whats new in the field, what you want to learn and what you like achieve. ​


coaching in english by Petra Flach

We offer a true international English course given by Petra Flach, to 3 to 6 participants. Together we will build a wonderful experience this week. To end this in style we end with our team for a real Dutch drink in a brewery of a Dutch windmill.


If you are there, we want to do it right!



uniek opleidingsprogramma
Op jouw wensen afgestemd

kleuren en plaatsen en presentatieklaar

Individuele aandacht
alles draait om jou

Model en Preparatie
afgietsels van hoog niveau 

Coaching van Petra Flach
Persoonlijke feedback en begeleiding

 Afscheid en Rouw Bodycasting certificaat
waar je overal met trots mee terecht kan.


International Course for you!

If you are interested in a body casting training in the Netherlands, we understand that you face some challenges if you come from far away. We have done it before and therefore know what obstacles you can encounter. Together we will look at how we can make this step as pleasant as possible for you. This includes advising or guiding accommodation, meals and/or transport. If you want to invest in a unique education and yourself, these obstacles should not stop you from pursuing your dreams. Our coaches are happy to think along with you to make your training and experience as pleasant as possible.


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