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you want to learn bodycasting?

Have you been looking for a change, being meaningful and for having a wonderful profession in which you can show and shine your creativity and passion? Then bodycasting is really something for you!


As a bodycaster you are a real people-person. You capture stories and are able to use your creativity to translate these stories into a beautiful sculpture. This could possibly be your new hobby or future job! You may have already tried everything you need to know about bodycasting, but you now want to expand your knowledge.

"Are you ready for a new step, do you want to escape from your daily routine and start with something that gives you energy? Then you've come to the right place at our Bodycasting Academy!"

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Become a Bodycasting Expert

We know the obstacles and success factors of bodycasting better than anyone. People who want to have a sculpture made often have expectations. As a bodycaster you want to be able to meet these expectations. In fact, you want to give them a truly beautiful sculpture that they can enjoy with pride and gratitude for many years to come.

An excellent training program

To achieve this as a bodycaster and not disappoint customers, it is important to have a very solid and strong foundation of your knowledge and skills. This is how our bodycasting training program has also been built up. You work actively towards success in different modules and at different levels! 

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We believe in the power of group training. There are various reasons to organize a group training. The most important and common reason is that it has been proven that collective training of a group, team or department often offers the best learning solution.

Learn more from each other! It has been proven!

Together you learn more and there are more questions. This way you can help, challenge and motivate each other. In short, together we keep the level high and... group training is so much fun!

Sometimes there is a good reason to follow individual training. We also offer these and you can submit them upon request. We are happy to accommodate whatever suits you. So feel free to inquire about all the options.


Our Bodycasting Courses

Basic Skills TRAINING

Level 1  - Duration 3 days

In 3 days we provide all the knowledge and information for a perfect introduction and start with the bodycasting technique. We aim for perfection and precision. With our two trained and experienced bodycasters you will work to create perfect hand sculptures., from yourself, babies and adults. Learn to mix your material sublimely and cast your molds perfectly! You will work with compositions, colors, mountings and placement. The possibilities are endless!


Advanced training

Level 2 - Duration 1 day

During this training day we will work on making, creating and filling a perfect construction mold for complex postures and vertical projects.

Many new aspects are discussed here. Think of new material, new techniques, different challenges and sublime detail. With this new technique you will learn to perfect your own skills even more.

You will also learn a new casting technique and build your self-confidence with this new expertise.


Expert Training

Level 3  - Duration 3 days

Become a real expert, learn the challenging tricks of the bodycasting technique. Get to know the world of artist Petra Flach. She can combine complex techniques like no other. You will work with body castings and larger sculptures. Several operations are discussed that challenge you to think in terms of other solutions. This is also the training course in which Petra will help you with animal casting and castings related to mourning, sorrow and the unevitable death. Explore together whether this really suits you. Attention is also paid to the start of your company, which challenges you face (think of prices, Chamber of Commerce and administration tips). A comprehensive training that you should not miss if you want to get started seriously.

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Expert Plus Training

Level 4  - Duration varies

Our expert plus modules are developed to go much further into various themes. Because if you want to specialize as a body casting/care provider, you need to know exactly what you might encounter.

Consider targeted farewell and mourning training, counter-molding sculptures or offering casting around animals. In various plus modules you can continue to train yourself to become an all-rounder who knows the answers to all complex questions.

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Level 4  - Duration varies

Our Bodycasting Academy specializes in customization. We offer training courses that are suitable for an individual or international trajectory, as well as training that fits within a sector. View our unique offer on the following pages:


  • SECTOR training FUNERAL, care homeS and terminal illness  
  • Individual training
  • international masterclass

Are you looking for a unique tailor-made training course for you alone or a training course that is suitable for your sector or company? Then we advise you to definitely contact our Bodycasting Academy. Together we will find the most suitable training for your needs. 




We would like to bring out the best in you! You will be stimulated, challenged and guided to further develop your talent. In a group or individually, there is more than enough time to coach you, let you grow and develop yourself with sufficient certainty for this wonderful field of work.

Our coaches support you with personal positive and negative learning experiences from the professional field. This way you don't have to reinvent the wheel. This way you can focus on growth and bring out the best in yourself.

Together we develop our own curriculum. We will take your wishes and personal questions into account during the training. The goal is that we only complete when all experience and knowledge has been shared.


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"I completed a training course at the beginning of 2018. FINALLY I AM HAPPY AT MY WORK. 

It has been a big change in my life and I will never forget this opportunity from Bodycasting Academy!”

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