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  • I just want to learn how to make hand images. Which training is enough?
    If you only want to get started with hand images, a Basic Skills training is sufficient. Even if you do this for a hobby or pleasure, we believe quality and safety are important. That is why we do not offer a shortened version. Making hand sculptures remains a human job and in any situation you may have to deal with vulnerable people or vulnerable skin. Always choose a thorough path to be properly trained. We are happy to think along with you.
  • I want to learn to make a bodycasting hand sculpture.
    You can learn this and much more in our Bodycating Academy. If you want to get started specifically with making hand images, we advise you to follow the Basic Skills (level 1). You lay a wonderful foundation to get started with this, but you can also choose to take this as a starting point and seriously opt for further development with our program from there.
  • Do you also provide custom work?
    We are proud to say that we have already offered many different customized training courses. Individual programs for people who work in healthcare, the municipality, the police, as well as training an entire team that works in the funeral industry. We are happy to think along with your unique question and will come up with a suitable solution. So don't be afraid to contact us.
  • Where can I learn bodycasting or lifecasting?
    You can learn body casting or life casting (both of which involve mastering the same technique) in our Academy in Bodegraven. Creative people, art students and professional experts from all over the world find their way to our Academy to train, retrain or even completely retrain in this beautiful technique.
  • Which bodycasting or lifecasting training is the best?
    That's an honest question that deserves an honest answer. The best bodycasting training with the most expertise (from experienced coaches) and the largest selection, you will find in our Bodycasting Academy. The Bodycasting Academy has been offering training courses for more than 12 years. Students from home and abroad have found their way to our training room. We have never had to copy anything, because we determine the course. Thanks to our years of experience, we know exactly what you will encounter as a future bodycaster in the field and we have tailored our training to that. The Bodycasting Academy has trained its coaches from the largest bodycasting company in the world (Bodycasting Netherlands, founded and supported by artist Petra Flach). We are specialized in every casting and we can proudly say..... You are in the best hands at Bodycasting Academy! Would you like to know more about how to make the right choice? Then read the next question carefully!
  • I am allergic to a certain product, can I follow a training course?
    In the past we have been able to train several people with a skin disease or disability. Our Bodycasting Academy likes to think in terms of solutions. Please contact us via the contact page and indicate how we can help you.
  • Training at your place or elsewhere? Why do you offer this learning program and none of it in 4 days?
    An honest question that deserves an honest answer. The Bodycasting Academy, but also Bodycasting Netherlands, always tries to avoid negative statements. That is why we try to answer this question as best and friendly as possible. In the past, the Bodycasting Academy has indeed tried different processes. We are now convinced of our current proven formula. We also see that more and more attempts are being made by (sole proprietorships) to distribute a copy of our (previous) or current program. Former students who trained with us sometimes also do this. However, some do not yet have sufficient years of experience, but they can entice you to follow a program with them. So there is proliferation and you have to choose something from it. That is of course very difficult. Our motto is, be careful, inform yourself well! If you choose a developed learning program at Bodycasting Academy, you are really choosing solid support and a rich training program. Are you still in doubt? then check these two points carefully: 1) Registration: You can only learn something if the person also carries out full-fledged and sufficient castings every day (for several years) and if someone is also registered with the Chamber of Commerce and has also registered as a training center. 2 ) Specialization? Then stick with that! A very simple example: If you want to learn something about hands, complicated casting or large body images, you choose a course in which someone does this every day. If someone gives training on plumbing, you don't go to someone who has been doing a hobby for a few hours a week for the past 4 years. Our advice: Choose what you want to learn from the person who specializes in it. If you want to learn something about hand statues and urns, choose someone who does this on a daily basis (but don't expect the best training when it comes to large body statues, compositions, complicated molds, additives, silicone, etc.). Finally: We have never had to copy anything because we determine the course. The Bodycasting Academy has trained its coaches from the largest Bodycasting company in the world (Bodycasting Netherlands, founded and supported by artist Petra Flach). We specialize in every casting. So you really are in the best hands!
  • I'm unsure between a group or an individual Bodycasting training
    For us, everything is tailor-made, whether it concerns group training or an individual process. Sometimes it turns out that an individual program may be a better fit for various reasons. That's really no problem at all. The advantages of group training are mainly that you learn with each other and from each other. You see each other's successes, but also each other's less successful creations. In just a few days you have done a lot more castings, viewed more castings and viewed and analyzed the results. With us you can practice with the material as long as necessary. There have been training courses in which more than 40 images were created in total! You learn from that and build experience and self-confidence. That's why we believe in the power of group training. After the training, the students keep in touch (through our network). The advantages of individual training are of course that you and the coach go on a journey of discovery together. The coach will take into account what you want to learn. Together you plan the entire process at your own pace. The bodycasting learning process is wonderfully private and with the unique extra of the opportunity to spend part of the day in the Bodycasting Netherlands Gallery. You can immediately see all the ins and outs of working in the gallery in real life!
  • How does the Bodycasting Community work?
    The community was founded on the strong belief that as Bodycasters we want to promote a strong profession. If you are part of our community, you can proudly say that you have truly chosen quality. To ensure that you continue to invest in yourself and each other: - you will receive our newsletter 4 times a year - are you affiliated with our network? - you can join the online information network - you can join community events (1 or 2x per year) ​
  • Where is the Bodycasting Academy training given?
    The Bodycasting Academy training courses are given in our own training room, located in Bodegraven (ZH). It is a specially equipped training facility, not far from the Bodycasting Netherlands gallery. Within this training room, everything is available and we can get to work undisturbed.
  • What does the care on a training day look like?
    Bodycasting Academy ensures that your stomach does not growl during the day. We provide lunch and snacks. You can freely serve coffee/tea and soft drinks as well as snacks (cookies and fruit). Do you have special dietary requirements? Please let us know! This is also custom work that we are happy to take care of for you.
  • Is the location wheelchair friendly?
    Unfortunately, our training location is not yet wheelchair friendly. If you want to follow our program, but the Bodycasting Academy is not a sufficient fit, we can go to our gallery (also in Bodegraven) to set up a suitable training program there.
  • Is there only one place in the Netherlands where Bodycasting Academy trains people?
    That's right. Our Bodycasting Academy can be found in Bodegraven, in the centrally located Green Heart of the Netherlands and is also close to the largest bBodycasting gallery in the world, Bodycasting Netherlands.
  • What times does Bodycasting Academy use?
    A training day starts at 9 a.m. and ends around 5 p.m. It is desirable to be on time every day and not to leave early (with some exceptions).
  • Can I also visit the Bodycasting Netherlands gallery during my training?
    Yes, that is certainly possible. It is best to discuss this with your coach. It is of course a great time to gain inspiration during your training.
  • How do I register for a Bodycasting course?
    Contact us via the contact page. Let us know which course(s) aroused your interest. We will send you all information about availability and prices.
  • I have registered for Bodycasting Academy, but have not heard anything yet
    Our planning takes time. We offer exclusive training plus tailor-made solutions. We will also handle your registration carefully.
  • I have registered, is my place really guaranteed?
    After your registration you will receive a training agreement and an invoice. As soon as this agreement has been signed and a (down) payment has been made, your registration is guaranteed.
  • Can I pay the invoice in several parts?
    It is possible to pay the invoice in full or in two parts. If you would like to pay in multiple parts (max 4), you can of course submit a request for this. This is also custom work,
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