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Advanced Training  

Lesson level 2

Duration - 1 day

After you get your bronze certificate you will know everything about it material you work with.

But how do you continue working on a mold of different layers for, for example, a wreath of hands?

We are currently seeing a growing popularity for more complex castings where mold building is increasingly being used. Hand wreaths are popular, but we also frequently use the technique for people who cannot immerse. 


During this day we will work on making, creating and filling a perfect construction mold for complex postures and vertical projects. Many new aspects are discussed here (think of new material, bigger challenges and new ultimate detailing) with which you can improve your
will perfect his own skills even more. 


Day 1


We discuss in detail the reasons why people want to have a complex hand sculpture made. We discuss different solutions for different issues. The most complex model (the wreath of hands) is on the program today. In the group of your advanced course you will work in pairs.

We draw on the things you have already learned and applied, but also add new elements. This way you expand your knowledge. 


On this day you will learn to perfectly build a mold for complex postures and vertical projects. Of course you can take this home with you.


THE TRAINING consists of:

Build your own wreath of hands

To pour
Practice complex casting process

Getting started at home
With everything you have learned, you will have enough knowledge to continue at home.

Hand images from A to Z
Hands no longer hold secrets

Dive into the Floor
We challenge you to get the best out of yourself.

A certificate
that you can proudly take anywhere.

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Do you want this too?

If you want to go for your silver certificate in our Bodycasting Academy, then you are actually going for the best that is available in the field of training. You opt for an ultimate experience based on the prayer of build-up molds, with solid coaches.

You have already mapped out your training plan and perhaps your own company in your head...

You know what you want to achieve and we support you in that process.

Please inquire about current availability and price via the button belown.

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