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Bodycasting opleiding, training, torso, sculptuur, buste
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Expert Training                                    

Lesson level 3

Duration - 3 days

After obtaining your bronze and silver certificate, this is the ultimate dream. Larger sculptures, challenging castings, expertise in multiple areas. That is the world you enter during this training. We start with a small piece of historical context, but even more important is actually carrying out different castings.


Petra will guide you on this wonderful body casting path in 3 days and introduce you to so many possibilities in an inspiring way that you really have to keep your pen and paper at hand. She shows her own techniques and a model is present. From there she will always help you get started yourself. You will learn to perform a body casting on the body with attention to distance and proximity. Attention is also paid to animal castings, making images of farewell and mourning (basic) and boundaries. You can later choose whether you want to be further trained in this in our Expert Pro modules. We conclude with editing, coloring and preparing your chosen work of art for presentation.

Bodycasting opleiding, training, torso, sculptuur, buste


On this day we will discuss theory. Completing a casting safely is the most important thing. Petra can explain better than anyone what steps you need to go through to successfully complete a casting. In addition, attention is paid to a piece of art history.

Of course, on this day you will also get to work on your first real one
body casting on a model.

Day 1


We start by making  different moulds. You can choose what the focus and attention is on and what you want to learn. Petra will help you make a perfect cast on a body. Afterwards we fill the molds with new techniques. From the theory there is time to discuss castings around farewell, mourning and animal castings.

Day 2


We remove the mold and process a cast of your choice. Learn new techniques around editing and placing. The idea is for you to go home with a wall sculpture.There is plenty of time to talk about the business operations of your dream. In the afternoon we will look at your work of art and discuss your ideas about your future.

Day 3

Bodycasting opleiding, training, torso, sculptuur, buste

THE TRAINING consists of:

bigger Casting
Perfect mixing and pouring

new Finishes
colors and placement of hanging works of art

Business management
Get tips and advice about your own start

Model and Preparation
Work on a model / do you dare yourself?

Coaching from Petra Flach
Personal feedback and guidance

 golden Expert certificate
that you can proudly take anywhere.

Bodycasting opleiding, training, torso, sculptuur, buste

Do you want this too?

If you want to go for gold in our Bodycasting Academy, then you are actually going for the best that is available in the field of training. You choose an ultimate experience at Petra Flach. She is happy to take you by the hand in this unique bodycasting adventure. You choose for yourself and agree on your further training plan with us.


Please inquire about current availability and price via the button belown.

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