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Farewell and mourning
Industry training                                    

Lesson level 4

Duration - 4 days

The training that matches your profession

You already have golden hands and a golden heart. You know what people work is because you work in the industry that guides people around life and death.

You may want to be even more meaningful, because how beautiful it is to leave something tangible for surviving relatives and how special it is if you can adapt your service accordingly.

are you suitable?

What requirements do you have to meet to be allowed to follow this training? You must be an (accredited) healthcare provider, working in a service sector that regularly deals with farewell and mourning (think of hospital IC, neanatology nurse, hospice employee or funeral director, etc.). 

In our Bodycasting Academy this is a 4-day training in which we cover all aspects of creating images surrounding farewell and mourning in 4 days. It is a course that delves deeply into the aspects surrounding farewell and death and the complex challenges involved in creating an image in these situations. 


Theory and casting

On this day we will focus fully on theory. Of course you know a lot about your own field of work, but do you also know a lot about body casting?

We discuss how you can combine this, when can you apply the technology and what agreements do you make about this with yourself or your employer?

Today we will also work with the material. We literally immerse you in body casting and fill up your creation. 

Day 1

different techniques

Today we are going to focus on a commonly used technique in body casting. We discuss the theory and steps and also cover an important aspect of safety.

In the afternoon we will again work on making molds with this new technique. In pairs you can work towards creating your own perfect mold, which we also cast for a beautiful end result.

Day 2

Complex techniques

Get started today with the most complex castings available. Think of a baby/child/adult who is unconscious or has died. We discuss and apply the complicated casting options. You will learn how to combine several techniques to get a dignified and beautiful infusion. We extensively discuss different infusion options for the best results.

Day 3

Day 4

Edit and complete

All your castings in a row... that's impressive. Today we are going to edit a lot of them. You will learn editing techniques, colors and how to place and present your image beautifully. 

We investigate exactly how far you want and can go (what are your options and wishes) and what matches the wishes for whom you are making these images.

 We conclude with your certification.


Your training consists of

Industry-oriented Casting
More than 6 unique techniques in 1 training!

colouring, placing and preparing for presentation

industry oriented
an addition to your services.

Model and Preparation
Learn to make a suitable mold for each situation.

Coaching from Petra Flach
Personal feedback and guidance

 Farewell and Mourning Bodycasting certificate
that you can proudly take anywhere.


Customization for your company?

If you want to go for this unique industry-oriented Bodycasting Farewell and Mourning training, then you are actually going for the best that can be found in this training area. You choose an ultimate experience in our Bodycasting Academy and coaching from Petra Flach. Together we will tailor a very nice and appropriate program to see how you can integrate this technology into your field of work in an attractive and responsible way. 

Various hospitals, funeral directors and hospice workers have already gone before you because they believe in appropriate care when it matters.


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