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About Our Academy


That's our motto... and that's how we really feel!

Our Bodycasting Academy is already in its 11th year and we are proud to have trained people from all over the world.

KunstenaRes Petra Flach

Our modules are written and supervised by the best bodycasting artist in the business; Petra Flach. She is a true professional with more than 20 years of experience. She is a revolutionary all-rounder and has put this art form on the map nationally and internationally with her bodycasting artworks.

Read everything you want to know about us on this page.

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Meet our coaches


Founder & Artist

With more than 20 years of experience in her own gallery and studio, the body casting profession and the art sector, Petra is the  expert of this art form.

Petra is happy to help you on your journey:  "don't become a follower, but become unique in the industry!"

Petra coaches you in levels 3 and 4



Bodycaster, Head Atelier and Academy coach

With more than 7 years of experience in the gallery and studio, Lynden knows better than anyone what human work you can encounter within bodycasting.

She is driven and does everything she can to challenge you, motivate you and get the best out of yourself.


Lynden coaches you at all levels

Bodycaster, Art Assistant and Academy coach

With more than 3 years of experience as a bodycaster, Margriet knows exactly how all the processes work. With her expertise as an art assistant, she knows everything about the right compostions. The two combinations make her a very strong coach.

Margriet coaches you at all levels

Bodycasting academy coach Margriet, body
Bodycasting academy coach Lyn, bodycasti
Bodycasting academy coach Petra, bodycas
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The Bodycasting Academy continues to grow. Previously we offered our  courses only in our gallery in Bodegraven. This was sometimes difficult to combine with our daily work. 

Bodycasting Academy location

Since 2022 we have had a beautiful training location approximately 2 km from our gallery. We can train up to 12 people there at the same time, we only do this for business-oriented modules, for the hospital or funeral industry. For our regular courses we try to keep the groups smaller. An average number of participants is between three and six participants.



Spend the night in the area

You are certainly not the only one who comes from far away and wants to enjoy a good night's sleep. We can advise you about some good accommodations in Bodegraven, Gouda or Woerden. Inquire about the possibilities.

Visit the largest gallery 

While you are in the area, combine your training with a visit to the largest bodycasting gallery in the world, the gallery of Bodycasting Nederland and Petra Flach. With more than 125 statues and sculptures you can find a lot of inspiration here. 


Petra Flach : 


"My artworks all focus around the human body and I use the body casting technique. Since 2008, I have been the owner of Bodycasting Netherlands together with my husband. We have trained a team of creatives to do Bodycasting European and worldwideto bring under attention. Our gallery in Bodegraven is the largest bodycasting company in the world."

Since 2012 I coach enthusiasts who are also touched by the beautiful emotion of the bodycasting technique. I am honored if I can also meet you for your saketo help us further on this beautiful path. 


Click here if you want to visit my website.

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