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Your Bodycasting Community

Together we build a strong Bodycasting community. We see a lot of proliferation of start-ups that start this challenging craft without proper training. Just cast without a background? You make yourself very vulnerable, but can you deliver and guarantee safety? Enough to make you feel insecure!  

If you choose a thorough training with us, you take yourself and the bodycasting profession seriously. 

We think it is important that you feel strengthened by the training, but also by the aftercare. 

We believe it is important to work together and build a strong bodycasting network together. That's what our community is for. If you choose to train with us, you can count on our care and expertise. 

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A community event is organized once or twice a year by registration. We always inform you in a timely manner and depending on the number of interested parties, we look for the right location.

We discuss current events in the field, new materials and there are speakers. 

There is time for questions, making contacts and expanding your network. How nice is it that you are not alone in this field? That you can discuss with each other what challenges you face and that you can share your success stories?

Together we are strong and we believe that you will bring out the best in yourself if you continue to invest in yourself and each other. Join our community and register with your heart for an education that can change your future!

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