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Basic Skills Training                                    

Lesson level 1

Duration - 3 days

In 3 days we provide all the knowledge and information for a good start. We aim for perfection and precision. With our two trained and experienced body casters you will work closely together to create a perfect hand cast, a hand sculpture. Learn to mix and pour sublimely!


Baby models are present on the 2nd day. This new challenge requires a different technique. The first treatments on the rough sculptures are discussed and at the end of the 2nd day you will receive a starter set and homework. You will work on this at home (min. 3 castings). On the return day we will examine your work and you will receive feedback. We then start editing, coloring and placing.


CASTING & molding

You learn to create a perfect yourself cast yourself (mixing) with
the best skin-friendly materials.

Practice as often as you want.

During the group training there are plenty of opportunities to try things out together.

Day 1

Baby casting &

In the morning we start with a thorough explanation about body casting with babies and children.

Then you can start working on a baby model yourself. 

In the afternoon you will receive an explanation about editing. You receive a starter kit to practice with 3 body castings at home.

Day 2


This return day is often within a month. You were able to practice at home with your starter set. Let's see what you made at home. We'll get started with editing, coloring and placing. You take your first completed project home with you.

Day 3


This training consists of:

Perfect mixing and pouring

Learn colors and placing

Getting started at home
You receive a starter set

Baby and Child Models
You teach how to cast those little hands and feet

Customized coaching session
Help and support after the training

A certificate
that you can proudly take with you wherever you go.


you will not regret this

If you want to go for level 1 in our Bodycasting Academy, you are actually going for the best that is available in the field of training. You choose the ultimate experience with solid coaches and you have a very clear vision in mind. You choose yourself and build your experience in our training program in a smart way.

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